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Events in Paris 

04 Dec 2019

MICE PLACE City in Lyon

1st edition of MICE PLACE City in Lyon. Discover the Auvergne - Rhônes-Alpes region and Switzerland”

06 Nov 2019

MICE PLACE City : International events including France

This edition highlights the event offer of France and the international.

02 Oct 2019

MICE PLACE City : Séminaires in Paris and IDF

Seminars in Paris & its region

03 Jul 2019

MICE PLACE City: Spain Special Edition

This edition presents an event offer from Spain Let yourself be disoriented while staying in Paris!

03 Jun 2019

MICE PLACE City in Montpellier

 1st edition out of Paris ! MICE PLACE City’s concept comes to you !

11 Feb 2019

MICE PLACE City : Seminar at the water's edge

This seminar presents the event offer of the perfect places for your seminar, meeting at the edges of the water!

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